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This past year has been exciting and we have seen the beginning of camp improvements and construction in Armenia. Following the bridge rebuild project of 2014, we have been able to bring equipment, tools and vehicles into the camp. A blend of contractors and volunteers has been on site cleaning up brush, removing old temporary buildings and renovating the existing outdoor theater (which will be used as a temporary location for club during summer 2016). Large potable water cisterns and filtration systems are complete. The campers and guests will enjoy fresh water, supplied by a spring located adjacent to the camp property and stored in two large cisterns. Significant milestones have been recently achieved with the local government allowing us to enter into larger contracts under the banner of our non-profit foundation in Armenia. This will allow the mission to gain additional value for each dollar invested. We are thankful for many who have assisted with this process, both in the country of Armenia and across the globe. During the month of October, we will also begin renovation of the camper housing and camp manager’s house, as well as installation of the site utilities. We are excited for what the Lord has for us during these formative months and look forward to the day when campers will visit and call this place their own.

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Future maintenance building and staff apartment


Dorms, dining, kitchen, rec and club rooms


Future dining hall


Gary Parsons planning the future!


Future dorm


Future athletic field


Future playground


Rivers and trails
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